About Me

Ten things you might like to know about me:

10.  I brake for animals.  This includes cute fuzzy things AND creepy crawlies.

9.  I can get my hair to grow past my knees, but it took me four years to get a cyclamen to bloom.

8.  My husband says that I only know one good joke, and even that one is iffy.

7.  I'm a freelance columnist, and I have been known to work for food.  Or coffee.

6.  I believe that coffee and chocolate should count as vegetable proteins becasue they come from beans.

5.  I think life is too short to stress over the weedeating.

4.  I'm a trained storm spotter.  There's one over there.

3.  I agree with my son: bugs and rainbows are equally cool.

2.  I'm always ready to learn, but I do agree that there's such a thing as "too much information".

And number one?  Well, you've been following along at home.  What have YOU learned about me?


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