Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things to do with your dog.

Dogs are Nature's way of ensuring that there's someone for everybody. No matter how much you mess up your "real" life, your canine friend will be there by your side.

Unless there's a rabbit in the yard; then you're on your own.

More often than not, pets become members of the family, rather than just another accessory. They are fiercely loved in life, and deeply mourned when gone. Is it any wonder that some folks will go to any extreme possible to keep Fido and Fluffy around forever?

Cloning is one method, and it's very controversial. On one hand, you have a carbon copy of your best friend, strong and healthy and ready to play. On the other hand, it's just that: a copy. An expensive one, at that. A less expensive (albeit less playful) option is knitting.

I'm serious!

Do you spend hours every week brushing your dog or cat? What do you do with all of that loose fur? There are plenty of fiber mills and small business owners who specialize in turning Rover into roving for handspun yarn. Longhair breeds or breeds with a soft undercoat work best for this sort of thing, but even shorthaired pets can contribute.

Rocket belongs to Bob and Teri, and Rocket has a gorgeous undercoat. I now have a whole bag of the stuff, so I carded it up with some alpaca fiber to create: Dogpaca yarn! It works just like the real thing, because, well... it is.

Neat, huh? Sorry the picture's so crummy, but trust me. It's a very cool bookmark, and a nice way to memorialize your furry friend.

There are plenty more furry friends waiting for adoption at your local shelter. Whether you're a spinner or not, drop in for a visit and consider making an addition to your family.

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