Friday, July 9, 2010

Free-range Friday!

Hi, all! I've been taking a blog-building class from the mind behind Blog Book Tours, and I'm picking up some really neat info. Aside from layout suggestions and blogrolls and such, one of the lessons covered the topic of themes.

This goes beynd the cool wheat field you see in the background. Teach suggests that a couple of "theme days" each week will help focus my writing, which will in turn bring you the most interesting posts.

That's the idea, anyway. SO!

Here are some ideas I had for instituting theme days. With the Mickey Mouse Club song playing in the background...

Monday: Market Madness! A look at what's in the grocery store, how to choose the best produce, why watermelons are outrageously expensive, and what you're doing for the community when you buy from a Farmer's Market. Just not all at once.

Tuesday: Guest Star day. Interviews with local gardeners, pet care providers, pest control specialists; all kinds of interesting folks.

Wednesday: Wow of the Week. An amazing rainbow, a fantastic flower, a monster grasshopper. Wednesday will bring you a piece of nature in photo form.

Thursday: Think It Over. On Thursday, we can have a debate. The merits of compost versus chemical. Organic or GMO? I'll present a topic and some background, and you weigh in with your opinions or questions.

Friday: Free Range. Prose and poetry, fun and games. Recycle projects, crafts, maybe a book review. We'll see what happens!

Mind you, these are just serving suggestions. It's up to you to tell me which themes you'd most enjoy. Want a recipe day? We can do that. Especially if you send me your recipes! Suggest and vote for your favorite ideas. The most popular themes will be instituted post haste, and my lazy self will learn to stick to a real schedule.

What are YOU looking for?


  1. All of these topics sound great and fit the overall theme just fine. And I like your background a lot...if I ignore the hills/mountains in the back, the picture looks like my old Illinois farm home.

    I'll look forward to discussing composting with worms and other such juicy subjects.

  2. I love the idea for Monday, I never know how to tell the best time for purchasing produce. And your Wednesday idea sounds like a lot of fun too.

  3. Good lineup. Guest star day could include an author who's written a book that fits with your blog's theme.

  4. Compost and produce and authors, oh my! Yep, this is gonna be a gas...

  5. I'm glad I found this super blog!
    It's sure to be a treat.
    I like the posts,
    I like the theme,
    I like the field of wheat!

  6. Hey, Marian Allen stole what I was going to say!! LOL

    Well said, Marian!


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