Friday, July 23, 2010

Free Range Friday!

Ah, Friday. Even if you're just in a hurry to kick off your shoes and relax, Friday night can be the busiest night of the week. Bobby's going to hang out with friends, Susie has a date, and Mom and Dad plan to make popcorn and watch a movie. Nobody has the time (or desire) for a big formal dinner, but everybody needs to eat something.

What to serve?

If you're looking for a no-cook, easy to prepare meal, why not try a "fruit bar"? I'm not talking about frozen puree on a stick, I'm talking about the orchard equivalent of the buffet.

They say that many folks don't get their recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables, so a fruit bar is a fun way to up your intake.

On your next pilgrimage to the produce department, stock up on some of everything. A couple of peaches, some apples, a few plums; maybe grab one of those pineapples we discussed earlier this week. Swing by the bakery department for a loaf of French bread, and head over to Dairy for a chunk of cheese.

When you're ready to prepare dinner, all you have to do is cut and slice. Arrange bowls and plates of bread, fruit and cheese within easy reach, and don't spare the napkins! You can skip the forks if you wish, and use those neat little cocktail swords or good ol' toothpicks instead.

Neat, huh? Almost like dessert for dinner; every kid's dream. Don't forget the most important ingredient: stir up some conversation. All too soon, everybody will be rushing off to their respective activities. Dinnertime is also face time, so make both as enjoyable as possible.

What are you serving tonight?


  1. Just got back from the farmers' market with a box of local peaches. Mmmm...juice-running-down-my-chin happy!

    Marian Allen

  2. It's Sunday - which means I've totally forgotten what I ate Friday night!


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