Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wow of the Week: a tomato!

Well, the camera decided that leaves make a great focal point, so here they are. BUT! If you look closely, you can see my very first grown-by-me heirloom tomato hanging around in the background.

I told myself that I would have at least one homegrown tomato this year, and it looks like I was right. Next year, I'll ask for a million-dollar recording contract...


  1. That little tomato looks really healthy. Since I don't have a green thumb, I would be overjoyed to see a tomato on my plant. Because of the deer herd that overruns our property, we gave up on tomato plants several years ago. They even came up on the deck to get them.


  2. Yipee.
    That is a really cute tomato.

  3. The tomato hornworms are chomping the brains out of our tomatoes! Good thing we have three farmers' markets a week around here. Congratulations on your beautiful baby tomato--I'll bet it'll taste better than any tomato ever!


  4. Deer and hornworms? And to think I was getting annoyed by the dive-bombing June bugs!

  5. I have about four ripe tomatoes I need to pick. Oddly enough, they're not too much bigger than your little green fellow. I think I've flunked growing tomato plants in a pot...


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