Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wow of the Week.

I stepped outside to take a picture for this week's Wow and regretted it almost immediately.

The lens fogged over. Heck, my face fogged over! I abandoned all plans to spend some time clicking and fussing over the tiger lilies and snapped this instead:

Granted, it's in the sun. But this was taken at nine-thirty in the morning! A heat indexometer. Bring on the lemonade, because wow, it's hot.

Where are you spending the day?


  1. Hiding inside! We are hot and humid here.

  2. There's nothing like that full-on summer "breathing through wet denim" feeling to make me into a weather wimp. Happy hiding!

  3. ACK! I'd be hiding if I had that read, too! Michigan is humid as heck, but not all that hot... maybe mid-80s. I walk to and from work, and promptly strip the wet clothes when I get home, but it is relatively comfortable to just sit around in.

  4. Hot and dry here in Colorado (but only 93 degrees). I left the house long enough to mail a birthday card and worked up a sweat.

  5. It gets mighty humid here -- an hour north of Toronto, middle of the Great Lakes region. Like, fish-on-the-wimdshield humid! Had to work, so no escaping it :P Thanks for the Follow! Looks like you've got a fun spot here!

  6. Hart- Yeah, I'd say 80's and humid is fine for sitting around. No breakdancing.

    Patricia- I love Colorado! Good place to get a sunburn, but the drier mountain air feels great.

    Will- Fish-on-the-windshield? *snicker* You're welcome, and come back any time!


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