Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wow of the Week!

I'd say that this post qualifies as a double "wow". Not only is our Rose of Sharon loaded with beautiful blooms like this one:

but this picture actually turned out the way I'd hoped! That's a straight-up shot, folks. I didn't have to adjust the brightness or anything.

Rose of Sharon is an easy-to-grow ornamental that's available in lots of colors. Do you have any in your neighborhood?


  1. Great photo! The flower looks just like mine (in Virginia)--same color. This is one of the few flowering plants we have that the deer have not killed by eating them. I see them nibbling on the bushes, but these plants survive and thrive. Most everything else does not. Do you have deer?


  2. We live in the "old section" of town, so the deer sightings are rare. Plenty of foxes and raccoons, though!

  3. Lovely pic...I'm jealous. It looks a bit like one of my clematis flowers but I only get to see the bloom for one day before the earwigs have it for dinner during the night!
    I don't grow any 'Roses' like that but they are lovely.


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