Friday, September 10, 2010

Free Range Friday: severe weather.

It's been brought home several times that living in the Plains states doesn't guarantee plain weather. Thanks to NEXRAD and NOAA, we can keep up on our local weather with a pretty darned high degree of accuracy.

Doesn't mean we always like what we hear, but hey.

I'd just finished a cup of coffee and some white chocolate cinnamon cake (Yeah, it was awesome in its cakely goodness) when my phone beeped. Hm. A weather update, one of the perks of storm spotter training. Looks like we're in for some potentially nasty stuff this afternoon. Hail, wind, rain; even an isolated tornado is possible.


Being without a cellar in Tornado Alley really lets you know what's most important in your life. When the sirens went off a few years ago, my husband grabbed his guitar while I bundled up the birdcage, and we headed to the town library (which has a huge basement). With the arrival of Junior, the list has been expanded to include "baby and his war bag" at the top, followed by birds, guitar, and I.D.'s.

What's your weather story?


  1. I remember watching one go across the fields when we lived in the midwest. I was just a little kid at the time. I remember my mom yelling at everyone to get in the basement, but us men, we just kept watching.

  2. Several weeks ago when we were in Rockford, IL, the sky turned the most gorgeous orange I've ever seen. It was following a storm. There was an horizon to horizon rainbow and completely orange sky. Back East I've never seen anything like it. Maybe that's a try to make up for the tornados!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  3. Last night at the Piper High School football game lightning could be seen in the distance. Officials cleared the stands and sent everyone to their cars. Aluminum bleachers in no place to be in a lightning storm.

  4. When there's a tornado alert here in Colorado and we're forced to go into the basement, I always grab the backup disk to my computer and our dog and cat.


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