Friday, October 22, 2010

Free Range Friday: something to make you laugh.

Something different from the world of nature today! This is my beloved Henley. He's ten years old and one of the family. He likes coffee, apples, wrangling yarn snippets, and music by The Eagles.

Who's roosting in your family tree?


  1. I want one! Lucky you to have Henley.

  2. My cat is roosting in my family tree. Well, not currently, but that's where she came from: The spring after my old cat, Tiffany (19) died, This little gray ball fell out of the peach tree and turned out to be Katya. :)

    Marian Allen

  3. Alex-- his all-time favorite song is 'Hotel California'. A close second would be 'Killing Floor' by Howling Wolf.
    Carole Anne-- most folks are amazed by how personable Henley is. He talks, gives kisses, and likes to be involved in everything.
    Marian-- the last time we had a gray ball fall out of the peach tree, it turned out to be webworms! A cat would be a much better turn of luck. :)

  4. When I was a kid I had two wonderful budgies like Henley. Watching him makes me long for another one. But with inside cats, it would never work. Thanks for reminding me of those delightful little guys.

  5. mtlogan-- aww, you're welcome! I agree about the cats. We've been offered a few over the years, but I always tell folks that Henley wouldn't put up with one. ;)


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