Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wow of the Week!

These are some of the hairy dudes that paraded in front of our Blazer.

Now imagine 2,700 of them. It sounds impressive until you remember that around the year 1492, there were about 60,000,000 of them.

That 2,700 becomes a reason for celebration when you realize that by 1889, there were little more than 500 left.

Bison and dedicated conservation efforts. Wow, indeed.


  1. Yes, that is amazing, wonderful recovery.

  2. Meanwhile Ted Turner has a bison meat ranch. Go figure!

  3. We used to have bison here in Corydon--there's a farm inside the town limits, and Mr. Haggard loved animals you didn't often see around here. He had bison, then he had longhorns. His son is following in his footsteps with llamas and alpaca.

    Audrey, I have a blog award for you at my blog today: Marian Allen

  4. Yes, beautiful creatures, massive. I saw the National Geographic movie on the Lewis and Clark expedition recently. When they came across that massive herd running across the plains, they stood in wonder. Moved me, just watching them too! Thanks for the reminder.Sylvia Dickey Smith


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