Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wish you were here: Anna Maria Island, FL

I'm looking out of the window on yet another blanket of snow. It's not even the fun kind of snow, suited for snowball fights and top-hatted snowmen. No, this is more like six inches of fluffy sleet. It just sits there, cold and dry and boring.

Mostly cold.

With our temperature topping out at 26F today (not counting the wind chill or RealFeel or whatever you call it), I've got just the place in mind for a getaway.

Forty miles south of Tampa, Anna Maria Island was known only to the Timucan and Caloosan tribes until the arrival of explorers from Spain. There were no permanent residents until 1892,
and no way to get to or from the island save by boat until 1921.

Still fairly low-key in the grand scheme of tourism, Anna Maria Island has a special claim to fame as a stand-in for a certain exceptionally famous locale. What do Esther Williams, Jimmy Durante, and Xavier Cugat have in common? They were brought to Anna Maria Island by MGM in 1948 to film "On An Island With You", a musical set in Hawaii.

According to the Weather Channel, AMI is enjoying temperatures of 68F under partly cloudy skies today. I think I'm gonna go put on another sweater.

Where are you going today?

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