Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Range Friday: looking ahead.

Hello, and welcome to Friday!

It's shaping up to be a good weekend here at Casa de Yard Bard. Coffee and cake with a fellow book lover this morning (sour cream cake with a filling of chocolate chips, cinnamon, and diced apricots, in case you were wondering), and experiments with bread baking this afternoon. Click here to read the article that prompted me to get out the loaf pans. Thanks, Dani!

Tomorrow, I head north to watch a performance of my sketch in a regional 4H forensics tournament. Then more coffee with another friend, and a interview for a potential job partnership.

Sunday is girlie time, hanging out with knitters and touring yarn shops. With any luck, the blankie for Project Linus will be done and ready to hand in by then.

By Sunday night, I'll be ready to recover from the weekend. I'll sit down with Junior and show him all of the pretty pictures in the seed catalogs. Maybe he'll help me decide what should go in the garden this year. Maybe you can help me decide. What is your garden "must have" when it comes to planting? What are you hoping to try this year? Who's your favorite seed supplier?

Have a great weekend!

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