Friday, April 29, 2011

Free Range Friday: Coffee and cardinals.

Moving away from the coffeepot, she thought vaguely of sitting on the porch to take in the sunrise. One shoulder glanced off of the kitchen door frame, and hot coffee sloshed over the rim of the mug. A wince; a mumbled expletive.

The door latch wasn't keen on cooperating at such an early hour, but it finally gave in and she was free. Gray-painted boards creaked softly under her feet, logging her steps to the Sun Seat. She settled in and watched the sky change.

Blowing on her cup, anticipating the Zen-like moment of the first sip, she was caught off guard by the appearance of a visitor. Dressed in red and wearing a black mask, he eyed her from the porch rail.

"Zeep?" inquired the cardinal. "Zeep?"

"Seeds? Is that what you're after?"

"Zeep!" The cardinal's reply was confident.

With a slowness born from caution rather than fatigue now, she eased out of the chair and sidled toward the door. There was a sack of birdseed in the mudroom; maybe the cardinal would bring a friend or two and she could watch them enjoy their breakfast.

"Wait here, Zeep. I'll be right back."

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