Monday, April 18, 2011

Green Monday: give me coffee!

We live in a small town with a lot of volunteer opportunities. Our local library loves finding good uses for volunteers, so it's one of my favorite places. I'm "the yarn lady", hosting knitting lessons throughout the summer. The library folks seem to like me, too. They submitted my name for the annual county volunteer luncheon, which was an eye-opening event.

The room was jam-packed with like-minded folks from all walks of life, all having a great time. If you're ever feeling lonely, check out your local volunteer organizations. You'll make instant friends and do a good deed or twelve.

Aside from the great food (barbecue sandwiches) and terrific company, the volunteer luncheon gave me another opportunity to "go green". I won a door prize!

Clutching my little red ticket, I trotted up to the prize table to take my choice. Among the planners, trivets and always-tempting chocolates, there was a coffee cup. You know those paper cups with plastic lids that get used once and then dumped? Picture one made of tough plastic, with a rubber grip. That's what I saw on the prize table, and that's what is now sitting on MY table.

I'll never have to use a paper coffee cup again, thanks to a kind donor. Some coffeehouses offer discounts to patrons who bring their own cups, and you can just imagine how much can be saved in the way of resources if more people did the "reduce, reuse, recycle" routine.

Of course, there is one problem. How do I convince Junior that this is my sippy?


  1. I conserve by not drinking coffee. I know, I'm in the minority!

  2. Well, try giving junior a sip of your coffee (cold of course). I bet he'll insist it's your sippy from now on. I have a cup like that and I love it!

  3. YAY! I have two of these at work--one, the 'gift' for donating to public radio, the other a 'gift' for presenting to a student group here on campus. I use one for coffee in the morning and the other for tea in the afternoon... and I LUUUURVE them! (I also have a 32 oz. cup on my desk for water... I'm a big drinker...) I wish I had more time, as I'd love to be more involved with our local library!

  4. Alex, you're a generous soul for ensuring my personal supply of coffee.

    Clarissa, I'd try, but that's the same plan that backfired on my mom when I was Junior's age. :)

    Hart, my hat is off to you. You've got the drinkage situation under control AND you consume real water?

  5. Hello, Audrey,
    Thanks for visiting my blog; I know it kind of rambles on at times. I see you only write yours on Mondays, and you are a volunteer, and a lover of mysteries. I love mysteries as well, and have done so for many years. I will be back. Ruby

  6. I try to take in my own cup. I have a travel mug I use. But coffee just seems to taste better in those paper cups.


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