Monday, September 12, 2011

About spiders...

I'd be a poor sort of gardener if I didn't appreciate the need for spiders. After all, they eat bugs and keep the backyard ecosystem in balance. That being said, I think spiders have their place, and I definitely believe that they should remain there.

I don't freak out just because a spider shows up in a odd corner of the house. There was the time I found a brown recluse in my clothes, but that was justifiable homicide. Most of the time, I figure that a spider minding his own business in the rafters will do me the favor of keeping my yarn stash safe from moths. Live and let live, right?

Spiders in the yard are always to be encouraged. Go for it, little dudes! Eat the mosquitoes and flies!

The only problem with arachnid leniency is that spiders are hard to train. Many of them insist on building their webs any old where, often with disastrous results. This weekend was a prime example.

The space between two trees looked like a fine spot to spin a web. Unfortunately, some fool put a sidewalk there first. Heading up that sidewalk in the darkness was, you guessed it, me. I walked face-first into a net that would have done the Starkist fleet proud.

It was occupied.

I can look back on the incident now and be glad that it was too dark for anybody to see my "DEAR GOD, GET IT OFF ME!!" dance. At the time, I was too busy dealing with eight legs running laps around my neck to show gratitude. I stopped short of beating myself senseless and stomped into the house.

I swear I heard crickets giggling...

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  1. My mom is the master of that trick.
    I'm sure no one saw you...


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