Monday, September 6, 2010

Moving on...

The season of summer produce is nearly over. While I'll miss the fresh peaches and tomatoes, I'm looking forward to pumpkins and apples. Pie time!

As we move into fall harvest time, we'll be looking at some of those tasty treats that adorn Thanksgiving tables across America. With any luck, we'll also hear from those of you who live outside the U.S. about the fall foods you most enjoy.

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Pumpkin! Spaghetti squash! Cranberry sauce! Yum!

    Love the fall.


  2. Clarissa-- Mmm, cranberry sauce! Do you make your own?

    Alex-- I think turkeys are closer to vegetables than fruit, if only because of their fondness for standing in the middle of the road, waiting to be hit. However, they have very sweet natures. Maybe they're fruit after all?


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