Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wow of the Week: success!

I was going to take an artsy-fartsy shot of raindrops on the redbuds, but I got tired of the elms dumping water on me. Instead, I bring you a snap of what is probably my greatest gardening success:

This is a pot of impatiens that I grew from seeds. Nothing died, nothing got eaten by slugs, and nothing got carted off by squirrels. They're even starting to bloom!

Yeah, I was amazed, too.

What was YOUR success this week?


  1. Certainly nothing to do with a plant!
    A couple new twists for my current project hit me - now I'm excited again.

  2. Got some Roma tomatoes to dry for the winter. Not many, but considering the brutal heat we had this summer and the tomato hornworms that have been riding roughshod over everything, I consider every single tomato a major success!

    Also got the basic plot of a short story I need to write, and finalized the blog book tour for my fantasy, EEL'S REVERENCE. Good week, all in all.

    Congratulations on the impatiens from seed. I am IMPRESSED!

    Marian Allen

  3. I have almost survived the week, and that is a great success as far as I am concerned :-)

    And I love that you grew them from seed and all survived. Awesome.


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