Friday, October 29, 2010

Free Range Friday: what's in your oven?

Good morning, good morning;
let's start our favorite way.
Good morning, good morning;
and how are you today?

I'm excited, actually. This is my birthday weekend, so there will be cake. Lots of cake. Seven kinds, to be exact, and quite a few of them will have cinnamon and vanilla in them. They're not strictly for me, you understand. They're for our friends and family that will come by throughout the day.

There's something really amazing about how a house with baking feels. It's partly the smell, partly the warmth... partly the feeling of gratitude that things like sugar and spice aren't rationed where I live.

Seven kinds of cake for one birthday? You bet. It's in my... nature. *snicker*

What's your favorite spice? Is there a particular scent that says "hearth and home" to you? Given the choice, would you grab salt or spice for your meal?


  1. Happy birthday!
    And any Thai spice will do.

  2. Happy seven birthday cakes!!! How lovely.

    I prefer pepper to salt and love the smell of chocolate!



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