Monday, February 28, 2011

Green Monday: paper or plastic?

In our house, we try to use neither whenever possible. Since I'm usually hauling around the Bottomless Knitting Bag of Doom, most small purchases can be tucked away with the yarn. Grocery shopping is another matter.

I'm less than keen on crushing my cashmere with a gallon of milk.

When the bag boy, er, Comestible Conveyance Coordinator asks, "Paper or plastic?", I usually end up getting plastic bags. I know, they're made of petroleum products and are therefore evil, but I make sure to bring them back to the recycle center.

Hm? Oh, yeah. I've heard about those nifty reusable shopping bags. I've got half a dozen of them. They're right by the back door, were they'll be safe while I'm forgetting to take them along to the grocery store.

That's the trouble with reusables and recyclables. Neither one works if you don't remember to put 'em to use. Click here for one side of the plastic bag debate, and be sure to do some informed research of your own to make the best decision. Come back later this week, and I'll have some fun ideas on what to do with the plastic grocery bags that are sitting around in your "stuff" drawer.

What do you use? Paper, plastic, or cloth?

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  1. My reusable cloth bags "live" in the back of my van. I usually remember them as I am checking out. I try, really I do.


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