Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Range Friday: plastic fantastic!

Hey, sorry I'm so late with this post. I'm in mourning. My beloved stand mixer died today after more than fifteen years of faithful service. It gave its life so that our neighbors might have Key Lime cheesecake.

Anyway, here I am with some neat ideas for things to do with all of those CostlyMart bags you've got stashed away in a kitchen drawer. Wanna put a "lid" on plastic waste? Try one of these sharp-looking chapeaus!

If you're just starting your recycle adventure, you can get your foot in the door with these crocheted sandals.

Of course, in keeping with the old joke about a city that tore down a parking lot in order to make room for a new parking lot, you can find scads of instructions for shopping bags made from shopping bags. Who knows, with a little creative research, you might come up with your own nifty idea.

What do you wanna make today?


  1. As long as no one starts making food out of plastic, we're all right.

  2. Alex-- Does pasteurized process cheese food count as plastic? :P

    Carole-- Thank you. I gathered a large quantity of coffeemakers and gave a twenty-one Bunn salute.


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