Monday, August 8, 2011

Suffering Succotash. And Carrots, And Potatoes, And...

On the plus side, there's the fact that the AC didn't break until the heat wave did. Humidity or no (and we have plenty), one hundred twelve degrees is just freakin' HOT. So, when I came home from work to find a dead air conditioner, I was fully prepared to weep and sweat.

Trying to sleep while the in-house temps are above ninety is... doubleplusungood.

Today, the repair dude arrived. With the rain.

This is my dilemma. Shall I be disgruntled at the prospect of waiting another day to pay a massive bill, since no one in their right mind would do electrical repair under a huge maple tree in a thunderstorm? Or should I take my coffee onto the porch and enjoy the cool breeze and less-crispy lawn?

Mother Nature doesn't always play nice, but at least she seems to be cutting me some slack today.

How was your weekend?


  1. We are not suffering the heat as you are, my friend in Atlanta finds it unbearable too. We are having our usual English summer and looking for something warm to put on.

  2. We've been around a hundred degrees for weeks - no air conditioning right now would suck! I'd have to go to a hotel. Or force the guy to fix it no matter what so my computer doesn't melt.

  3. Carole Anne-- English summer sounds like fine knitting weather. I hope you and yours are well away from the other kind of "hot spots" that the BBC has been discussing.

    Alex-- believe me, the thought of a hotel was very tempting! Cold showers have become a thing to be desired...


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